More often than not we talk about and share the visual beauty of interior design, that is, the form of furnishings and fittings. We are inspired by how these forms look in the spaces we create.

However, in order to achieve greatness in design we must not overlook the functionality of these forms, a practical yet necessary role in achieving the ultimate connection to any space or object within it.

So whilst design tastes can differ, practicality applies to everyone.

BLUM Australia specialises in the production of furniture fittings such as hinges and kitchen drawer systems, and they recently invited us to their showroom for a masterclass update in kitchen design.

We all know kitchens are one of the most important spaces in the home (and one of our most favourite rooms to design), so we were keen to learn any new tips from our industry leaders to ensure we continue to achieve efficient flow and timeless design in all of our projects.

1. When considering the design of your dream kitchen, think about it like a piece of furniture that will last you at least 20 years. 

2. Your kitchen should not just look beautiful but work beautifully! The less you have to move around the kitchen the better. This may mean locating the dishwasher to maximise the ease of unpacking, putting the kettle near the mugs or providing ample space for food preparation to ensure preparing a meal is an enjoyable task.

3. Optimal workflows are possible in every kitchen. BLUM recommends splitting your kitchen into five zones: 1. Consumables 2. Non-consumables 3. Cleaning 4. Preparation 5. Cooking.

4. If you sort and organise the contents of your kitchen into items that you use often, seldom use and rarely use, you won’t have to bend down and stretch so often!

5. Regardless of the size of your kitchen, you can increase its storage capacity by over 50% by installing joinery that is appropriate for the space. Cabinets with greater depth, height and width are a good way to maximise space. For example, by using a wide drawer instead of two smaller drawers, you can increase storage by more than 15%. Under bench drawers are also ideal so you can see the full contents of what’s inside. 

The design of a kitchen can be very personal. We love working with our clients to create tailored spaces that are not only beautiful but practical and will function at their best over time.

So whether you’re a master chef at home or require ample storage for a family, think about how you want to get the most use out of your kitchen and contact us today to talk about how we can assist you to realise your dream kitchen space.

All images via Β© Alexandra Kidd Design