At AKD we believe there’s no reason not to indulge and treat your loved ones – or yourself for that matter – with a bouquet of beautiful blooms on this oh-so-sweet day of days!

Not only do we love flowers for their gorgeous aesthetic and their divine scents, they also make the perfect interior accessory or design prop when it comes to perfectly styling our project photoshoots.

Just as receiving a bouquet of flowers brightens up anyone’s day, adding a stylish layer of floral arrangements to one’s home always brightens up any space.

Whether you’re after a small bouquet or wanting to fill a room to the brim with blooms, Hermetica Flowers knows how to impress with a wide variety of florals, plants and stunning arrangements. The hardest part is choosing your approach . . .

Hermetica Flowers    237 Victoria Street Darlinghurst

Hermetica Flowers 237 Victoria Street Darlinghurst

With a little shop, just a stone’s throw from our studio, we find it impossible to not be caught drifting on the floral scent wafting down Macleay Street, leading us down the rabbit hole that is Poho Flowers.

We adore this enchanting feminine sanctuary in the middle of the bustling streets and apartment blocks with its beautifully vibrant colour-coded displays, eclectic textures and ready-potted fresh succulents wanting to be taken home!

Poho     Flowers    Shop 2, 117 Macleay Street Potts Point

Poho Flowers Shop 2, 117 Macleay Street Potts Point

It has been over 20 years since Saskia Havekes opened the doors to her now globally-renowned flower shop Grandiflora, but her creations are just as cutting-edge and sophisticated as ever.

Providing exquisitely dramatic arrangements that feel luxurious, rare and special – the perfect Valentine’s Day trio if you really want to make a very good first and lasting impression!

Grandiflora  Shop 1/12 Macleay Street Potts Point

Grandiflora Shop 1/12 Macleay Street Potts Point

And because it wouldn’t be very warm and fuzzy of us if we didn’t share a bit more love this Valentine’s Day, if the one that gets your heart skipping beats is a bit further afield then Little Flowers is the perfect pick for you!

Growing with each new season, they offer small but perfectly formed bunches of freshly cut blooms and deliver to most of Sydney’s inner-city areas.

Little Flowers Sydney

Little Flowers Sydney

Fresh blooms create a crisp, alluring and inviting atmosphere – one that we absolutely adore and welcome with open arms on Valentine’s Day, or any day really . . .