Each year we eagerly await the announcement of PANTONE’s Colour of the Year, a glimpse at the palette that will inspire the year to come, influencing all sectors of design from interiors to the runway.

Last year PANTONE surprised us with a duo of colours – Rose Quartz and Serenity – which captured our hearts with their dusty, serene tones. 

This year PANTONE have returned to tradition and chosen just one colour – Greenery. Symbolising new beginnings: a fresh New Year, healthy food resolutions, nature and the great outdoors, it may just be that this year it is our minds that will be captured!


Green is the most common colour we see in the natural environment. It is associated with growth and renewal, balance, calm and harmony.

The trend to take the indoors outside, or to bring the outdoors in, is ever-growing, with green canopies and walls creating the feeling of lush gardens in interior spaces. The more submerged we become in our modern lives, the more we yearn for the balance of natural surroundings.

Sydney's new Cuban-themed cocktail bar, Hacienda.

When using green in the home, we most often see raw tones, similar to those found in nature. Jewel tones of green are often used in more formal interior settings, with velvet fabrics shaping luxurious living and dining areas. In kitchen and bathroom settings, green creates a feeling of cleanliness, especially when used in conjunction with natural stone and timber accents. More commonly used in hospitality design, green is the colour reflecting nutrient-rich foods and ingredients, provoking thoughts of freshness and health.


This PANTONE Colour of the Year evokes many of the senses – the smell freshly cut grass, the texture of biting into crisp vegetables, the taste of sipping a refreshing green summer smoothie or summer mojito! We look forward to growing our interior palettes this year with a splash of greenery. 

Image 1 via Melissa Mercier / Image 2 via Vogue / Image 3 via Pinterest / Image 4 via Missy Lui