Last year we were engaged to revive a dim inner-city apartment in Sydney’s Potts Point. A complete reinvention of the spaces has returned a sense of luxury and re-engaged the home with the spectacular views afforded by its enviable location.

Before anything, the apartment required some intense spatial reworking. The introduction of a second-floor living area doubled the size of the home, but the original lower level needed reconfiguring to relieve the apartment of its cramped rooms. We prioritised opening and brightening the home, exploring how the space could work harder for its inhabitants, while maintaining a feeling of warmth.


We overhauled the original intricate floorplan, creating wider hallways and introducing curved walls to create the allusion of more space.

With the flow and positioning of the spaces resolved, we set out to create a real sense of inner-city glamour. The material palette is simple yet striking, comprising of light timber throughout both levels, grey marble, and a combination of brass, bronze and, aged iron accents. 


Creative custom details such as the curved kitchen in brass and the coordinating brass handle joinery exude the allure of a luxury hotel. It’s a space designed to impress, dripping in gold.


The brass screen, mounted on the kitchen island functions as the soul of the apartment, adding character, tactility and warmth.


As well as dialling up the luxe factor, the combination of metals capture the city glow and the stunning views, bouncing the light around the apartment and transforming the space as the light shifts outside.


In the bathroom and powder room, textural elements such as the mosaic tiles add drama and the sculptural shapes of the basins and sinks continue this theme. We kept the vanities open, placing storage elsewhere, to maximise the feeling of space in these smaller rooms.


The finished space is rich in material beauty and detail. Essential to the interior design’s success are the bespoke elements where texture and shape are used to define each space and create visual interest.


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All images via ©Alexandra Kidd Design