It’s official. Jack Frost has started creeping under my front door and is nipping at my toes.

The Easter long weekend in Sydney brought with it shorter days as we wound our clocks back an hour as Daylight Savings ended. When we returned to work we had been seemingly plonked into the thick of Winter! Even before we departed the office for the journey home that evening the sky had abruptly been painted black and the wind blew icy and bitter. Needless to say, we weren’t prepared. In the days since, more and more layers of knits in longer lengths have been spied wandering the streets.

Personally I always love this time of year and the cold change the season brings. It takes me back to my early twenties when I lived in London. It was such a carefree existence and I’m instantly filled with that same sense of wide-eyed wonder and possibility with each fresh breath of crisp morning air I take. Nowadays, however, my life is more honed to my creature comforts and the heady days of backpacking in thermals, setting up tents in sleet and rain and wearing my first pair of coveted Burberry knitted gloves through to the skin are just happy distant memories. 

At Alexandra Kidd Design, all year round our days are filled helping people connect emotionally to their surrounding environments by adding warmth, layers and textures which we believe is key when reimagining spaces. But never is it more paramount in the physical sense than now, as we begin the transition to thicker fabrics, more layers and adding pieces to our wardrobes and homes that will help make this Winter luxuriously cozy rather than unbearably long. Here are some of our Winter Loves . . .

Wooly Hobes via Hobes / Peca Candlestick via Dezeen / Bemboka Bath Towels via Bemboka / A Bone of Fact by David Walsh via Pan Macmillan Australia / Botega Veneta Intrecciato Leather Gloves via Net-a-Porter / Kusmi Detox Tea via Kusmi Tea / Tête-à-Tête Incendere Candle via Tête-à-Tête / Ore Blanket via Country Road / Leona Edmiston 'Pins' via Leona Edmiston / 1803 Red Deer Hide via 1803 / This Works Deep Sleep Bath Soak via Mecca / Mongolian Lamb Cushion via West Elm