Celebrate the 2015 Pantone Colour of the Year with us as we show you simple ways to share the Marsala love each season. 

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Adding a hint of burnt orange and lilac to your Marsala scheme can create a more summery palette. Try a statement piece of art with flecks of Marsala tones and gold foil [1]. A feature wall in a brighter shade can emphasise a bold look [2]. Or take your love of Marsala to the beach with a gorgeous Missoni beach towel [3].

Create a nostalgic touch to your interior with delicate chinoiserie patterns paired beautifully with rustic oak. Your choice of flooring treatment will influence the overall feel of your home. For understated luxe go for a classic parquet flooring with contrasting inset stone [4]. For a bolder, more contemporary look try a large patterned rug in soft ivory and deep Marsala [5].

Stay cozy with soft upholstery this Winter. Have an old armchair that needs updating? Inject some colour and texture and have it re-upholstered with this suede-like velvet [6]. For a plush bedhead solution, have a custom bedhead made with luxurious button detailing. If it is a small accent you're after, add oversized cushions to your living room in a buttery soft leather [7].

Brighten up your Marsala palette with touches of salmon pink tones. Sangria' from Porters paints [8] is the perfect solution if you can’t commit to dark and moody Marsala walls. Keep your palette neutral with splashes of exciting prints. Try an oversized floral wallpaper for something more feminine, or frame your favourite fabric to create a one of a kind artwork [9].

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Intern In The Interior

Katherine joined our team as an intern last week and here she shares her experiences of what it was like working at Alexandra Kidd Design . . .

'Alexandra Kidd kindly gave me an internship this week to experience the workings of the interior design world. As a humble psychology graduate desperate to jump into a creative career, I began on Monday morning believing none of my previous career choice would come into play. However, as this week’s adventures have taught me, Alex and her team use their own kind of counselling to remind a client that the ugly duckling stage is just the beginning of the journey to the beautiful interior they will eventually create together.

My first experience in the studio was the Monday morning meeting, where the team discussed the tasks to complete and begin for each client. As my eye quickly caught the lush design books around the room I appeared to tune out for about 20 minutes and feeling movement in the room I believed the meeting was nearly finished. Wrong! The girls had just finished the first project. Tuning back in I was amazed for the next 2 hours at the amount of detail the designers put into each client’s home. Each finish, corner, carpet and door handle was meticulously discussed and understood in context of the space. Interior designer Amandine showed me the fabric and wallpaper samples for an ongoing penthouse project Alex was working on. I was amazed as Amandine pulled sample after sample out of wallpaper, curtain material, carpet and bed coving materials in colours and textures I would never have envisioned together but made such a handsome pair!

The following day Alex and I met with a client at their house which could have doubled for a Aboriginal art gallery. The property had been converted from one apartment to two, a separate area for the children and adults. The ‘adult’ kitchen was a favourite of mine, Alex had paired a brown and cream tile with pale blue cabinets for a fresh and calming feel, I very much wanted to make a cup of tea and just look out over Sydney Harbour for half an hour! Nevertheless, having decided on a cityscape design for the drapes and agreeing to a feature wall in what admittedly was a neutral bedroom we headed out of the apartment with the family dog giving us a departing wave of the tail.

Later in the day, the whole team ventured to a recently finished project in Redfern. The mainly black and white décor created a refined elegant space for a very elegant client. We arrived as a rich white striped wall paper was put into place. The client was clearly delighted as the apartment was coming together. There were a few spots around a door frame that were requested to be retouched and to my untrained eye, I could barely see the need for any changes. However, Alex and Amandine scrupulously analysed the door’s paint job, explaining to me the discrepancy was due to the painters using a brush around this particular doorway and not a roller varying the difference in the finished grain. The girls arranged for this to be fixed the following day.

Thursday, I tagged along to a few Darlinghurst fabric rooms to pick up some samples for a client who owns a Thai restaurant. As my eyes got drunk taking in all the different patterns and deep confusion set in, Alex and Amandine methodically picked out samples as a clear colour scheme emerged involving tones of grey, blue and yellow. This reminded me of how earlier in the week I had pulled out a fabric sample with lots of red for this same venue. Amandine explained to me that red invokes a quintessentially Chinese feel which would be in conflict with the style of a Thai restaurant and the concept developed with the client. Just proving the significance Alexandra Kidd Design places on creating a space constantly in line with her client’s vision.

A week with the team at Alexandra Kidd Design opened my eyes to the incredibly meticulous hands-on process that the designers take with each of their clients. The process is demanding, but as Amandine said to me on the afternoon I left, it is a complete one. Beginning with concept development and getting to know the client, to delivering a new beautiful unique home for them. What could be a more complete process than that?'

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