At Alexandra Kidd Design, we love lighting! I truly believe that the secret to a well-resolved interior lies in the lighting layout and the selection of fittings. We design interiors that are based around flexibility, so
a room can be transformed and a mood can be created by the flick of a switch or the click of a finger (literally). 

The lighting industry in Australia has changed dramatically in the past decade. Historically, when local designers and manufacturers were still in the dark, we would source all of our lighting from Europe or the United States. This came with significant challenges with fixtures, fittings and wattages differing from country to country, not to mention the conversion to Australian dollars, shipping logistics, insurance and a contributing carbon footprint. Needless to say, lighting has been tricky to specify and a nightmare for electricians to install. 

However, in recent years we have happily seen the emergence of local lighting designers such as Melbourne-based Christopher Boots and suppliers such as Sydney-based Catapult who are representing very talented Australian designs. The craftsmanship is local and the results are beautiful. It is wonderful to finally see so many illuminated talented Aussie designers and we are thrilled to be able to source and specify their pieces in our projects.

Here, we shine the spotlight on a few of our favourite Australian lighting designers.


'Christopher Boots is a Melbourne-based industrial designer, driven by a love of nature and light, with a commitment to nothing short of excellence. Having graduated from industrial design at the national school of design (Prahran, 2005), Christopher Boots has a background in product design engineering. An apprenticeship with lighting pioneer Geoffrey Mance followed, leading to a half decade training in various techniques of designing and making lighting.'  
Via Christopher Boots


'Articolo's founder and design director, Nicci, has over 25 years experience in the world of design. She established the Articolo architectural lighting brand in 2012 and is committed to Australian-made, handcrafted timeless architectural lighting design. She works closely with a diverse team of artisans who have crafted their skills over many years in glass blowing, ceramics, metalwork, woodworkers and copper smiths.'
Via Articolo


'The Up-Down Light by Ben-Tovim Design is a strikingly contemporary twist on the classic industrial age height-adjustable pendant light. The shade is stainless steel with two optional finishes as standard, with the counterweight in Obsidian volcanic glass or shaped river stone as standard. The light can be easily adjusted within a range of heights, from 900 to 1500mm, making it a perfect feature for versatile settings. Custom colours and stones are also available.'
via Catapult


'Aztec is part of the Bright Beads range of pendants using a variety of coloured timbers, or all in Smoked Ash. These unique lights can be presented in versatile ways, professionally hung in a permanent fixture of simply hung from a hook in the ceiling. The design uses the latest in 3D CNC cutting methods, with 6 distinctly different arrangements completing the range. While perfect as a single pendant, their impact is amplified with clustered.'
via Catapult



'The Me Pendant by Paul Townsin is a handmade contemporary concrete light. It has a timeless aesthetic that, coupled with the durability of the concrete form, is designed to last for many years. As each piece is hand cast, every Me Pendant is unique in individual colouring and form, and is available in two finishes as standard. It is dimmable with the appropriate switch.'
via Catapult


'Designed by Kate Stokes and produced by Victorian manufacturers in small batches, Coco Shade was inspired by traditional Japanese spinning tops and is made from Victorian ash timber & powder-coated aluminium.'
via Workshopped

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