For the past 18 months the AKD studio has been abuzz with baby news and banter with the arrival of not one, not two, but three AKD baby girls! Alex's daughter Anouk was the trendsetter arriving into the world in October 2013. Then our Interior Designer Jess welcomed baby June in January this year, followed closely by Interior Designer Amandine's little bundle of joy Hermione only last month! 

Ahead of Mother's Day this weekend, we gathered the girls together for an afternoon of cuddles and giggles. We chatted to Alex, Jess and Amandine about their experiences of being mums, their plans for Sunday, and if they have their design eye on any special Mother's Day gifts this year (hint, hint).

AKD wishes all our mums a very happy Mother's Day! We love you every day and thank you for everything xxx

Amandine and Hermione, Alex and Anouk, Jess and June

What do you love most about being a mother?
Alex: I know it’s a cliché, but the love! I now understand a mother’s capacity for love, it is all encompassing and knows no limits. With this love comes perspective, a new way of identifying priorities and how this love has simplified life. I realise that the simplest moments bring the greatest joy and beauty rather than the more complex concepts that used to consume me. And hearing Anouk’s laugh . . . it is the most amazing sound in the world.
Jess: The endless LOVE . . . that comes from my tiny baby every time she looks and smiles at me. It brings a tear to my eye. But also, falling in love again and every day when I see my fiancé playing or cuddling June . . . I just love being a family!
Amandine: I love watching her learn and grow day by day, I love caring for her, I love being her mum.

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What has surprised you the most about motherhood? 
Alex: My capacity to love, my ability to function with no sleep and that time now cruelly moves so much faster!
Jess: The protective instinct that comes with motherhood (as well as the superpowers). My life has been turned upside down, and I have quickly realised that becoming a mum means you always have something to do, to clean, to buy, but you somehow manage to do everything. It doesn't matter how exhausted you are, you could do anything for your baby. You are a superwoman!
Amandine: How instinctive motherhood is! I was never someone who knew how to deal with other people's babies so I was nervous about how I would be able to look after my own, but the maternal instinct and bond is so strong it amazes me.

What does your ideal Mother’s Day 2015 look like?
Alex: A sleep in! Breakfast in bed by my divine husband and daughter, a visit to our local park with our four legged daughters, Bindi and Jazz, a delicious lunch or picnic in the park with my mother, an afternoon massage, Anouk in bed by 7pm with a glass of wine on the coach and a great book. 
Jess: Just a lovely (ideally sunny) day with my fiancé and June . . . A delicious brunch at Fratelli Paradiso, a walk and a nap in a park and of course lots of cuddles!
Amandine: Waking up in the morning with my husband and daughter next to me, going down to the park for a walk and a coffee and then having a long lunch with my own mother (and family) who I could not have managed the last 4 weeks without, I owe her the world.

What words of wisdom can you impart to new mums? 
Alex: Relax. In moments of sheer terror, exhaustion or frustration I try to remember the Buddhist mantra 'this too shall pass' and the last 18 months have proven that it will pass too quickly. I work long hours and love my work, but I try to be a present Mum, so that when I am with Anouk she knows there is no other place I’d rather be and there is nothing else more important. And a little more practically . . . sleep when they sleep!
Jess: Be kind to yourself . . . It takes time to get used to your new life and to be able to do things for yourself again. It doesn’t matter how you look, how much baby fat you still have to lose . . . Remember you are a superwoman. You have created a human being!
Amandine: The midnight wake ups are tough, but cherish all of them as they grow so fast!

What is the best advice your own mother has given you? 
Alex: 'Enjoy it, it goes so fast!' oh and 'Alexandra is that child wearing a singlet?'
Jess: To listen and follow my instinct. 
Amandine: Stay calm.

Are there any special Mother's Day gifts you have your eye on? 
Alex: I would love anything for my 'ideal Mother's Day' . . . spa time, Kindle UnlimitedJac+Jack cashmere socks
Jess: Apart from June sleeping through the night, I would also love a rose gold necklace from Merci Maman with June's name and date of birth engraved. And I know it's an easy one, but I love flowers!
Amandine: Baby Bjorn carrier, a pair of Anniel ballet flats to match Hermione's and lots of cuddles from my new baby!

All images via  ©Alexandra Kidd Design