As you know, AKD loves lighting so when I came across Articolo Architectural Lighting on Instagram, I was instantly smitten! I saw an aesthetic and style to the fittings that complements our interiors. In particular I thought they would be perfect for a project we are currently working on and couldn’t wait to make contact and find out more. 

I love working with creative and like-minded people and am inspired by the story behind a product. I phoned Nicci and she had me at ‘hello’ . . . you’ll see below why we have enjoyed working with this gorgeous, inspiring and creative lady and no doubt you’ll love her as much as we do.

Three words that best describe you?

PASSIONATE about design . . . it’s all in the detail, my family and friends. BIG-HEARTED and always up for a laugh. ENTERTAINER as I am known for long table lunches or dinners for up to 60 or more people. Cooking at home for those I care about is my way of giving of my heart.

What did you want to be growing up?

A chef, originally. I cooked in a restaurant overseas before I realised I didn’t want to work in a kitchen day and night so turned my hand to food styling for a French magazine based in Paris and then later Vogue Entertaining in Australia.

How did you earn your first pay packet?

I worked in a health food store weighing and packing apricot delights into 100 gram bags. One for the bag . . . one for me (oops!). Not great for their bottom line . . . or my bottom!

Best life lesson?

Lesson number one: not to take yourself too seriously. Never judge, be kind, forgiving, not myopic. Be soulful and grow from your mistakes. Follow your dreams . . . as dreams do come true! 

Your proudest achievement so far?

My incredible son (said by a true mother!) and having had my designs in Armani Casa and the Royal Palaces of Jordan. 

Who inspires you?

Vincent Van Duysen, Christian Liaigre, Tom Dixon, India Mahdavi.

Your biggest vice?

A buttery chardonnay or a big shiraz. And every so often, late at night after a long table dinner, a bit of ACDC! The dance moves are hilarious and lack any style whatsoever . . . a tad embarrassing but fantastic fun. There you have it!

Do you follow trends or are you a trendsetter?

I don’t tend to follow trends although I think it’s hard sometimes not be cerebrally influenced by what you see around you. I am literally inspired by everything, the oddest of things will set my mind off into creative thinking. I am forever grabbing for napkins or scrap pieces of paper mid-conversation, to sketch or jot down a new thought, idea or design. My car and desk are littered with new designs. I couldn’t possibly manufacture them all in a lifetime!

What dream do you still want to fulfill?

I am striving to make Articolo Architectural Lighting to be a recognisable international lighting brand.

What you love about working with Alexandra Kidd Design?

Apart from being completely lovely and a similar personality, Alex is fabulous, easy to chat with, supremely talented, has an excellent ‘eye’ for design and detail, and is a joy to work with.