We are a Sydney-based interior design studio that works closely with our clients to deliver innovative design solutions. We approach every project with a holistic view maximising site potential and creating spaces that truly reflect our client's style, personalities and lifestyle.

Each project is customised and executed with the highest level of detail and quality, whether we are redesigning a single room or renovating an entire home.

We reimagine spaces and floor plans through innovative interior architecture, resolve design problems with practical interior design solutions, and we can help our clients emotionally connect to their surrounding environment by adding warmth, layers and textures. 


Contact us today for a free-of-charge, no obligation meet and greet.

This is an opportunity for us to view the space, discuss your ideas and for us to get a sense of what you are looking to achieve.


We will then create a customised proposal for your consideration.

This will be tailored to your specific needs incorporating your brief, the scope of works and budget, as well as our fees and terms and conditions of the contract.


Stage 1: Concept Design

Stage 2: Design Development and Documentation

Stage 3: Development Application

Stage 4: Bidding and Contracts

Stage 5: Construction and Inspection


Also affectionately called THE FUN STAGE!

We will custom design or procure furniture, furnishings, accessories and artwork to complement the interior architecture and design. We will meticulously explore every corner of the globe to ensure that each piece and detail is loved as much as the big picture design. 

The Design Process: step by step


Concept Design

Firstly, we will complete a comprehensive site measure in order to draw detailed plans which will form the foundation for the design. Then we will present to you a holistic design concept closely aligned to your vision.

The Concept Design will be the 'masterplan' for the project.

This includes:

  • Preliminary scaled floor plans indicating proposed layouts
  • Representative images, design inspiration and storyboards 
  • A physical sample selection of finishes, fixtures, furnishings and fabrics


Design Development and Documentation

We will further develop and resolve the design and provide documentation including detailed plans of interior spaces.

We will work with you to confirm all finishes, flooring, cabinetry, fittings, fixtures, window treatments, wall coverings, lighting and hardware. We will then document and provide written specifications for all selections in preparation for tender.


Development Application

If required, we will prepare and lodge the relevant documentation for the Owners Corporation Executive Committee or Council for approval.


Bidding & Contracts

The plans and specifications will be sent out to a pool of builders for costing and a comprehensive budget will be completed for your review and approval.


Construction & Inspection

This is where the dream on paper comes to life!

We will fulfill the role of Project Managers and will coordinate the construction process to ensure that your new space conforms in every respect to the approved scope of works and documentation. We will also be here to guide you through this often emotionally charged time.

We will:

  • Coordinate off-site manufacturing such as cabinetry
  • Review all colour and material samples and selections
  • Facilitate regular on-site inspection meetings
  • Assist you to approve progress claims under the building contract, if required
  • Conduct a final inspection and rectify any outstanding defects, if required

We won’t rest until the last light bulb has been tested and the final picture is hung!